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Dear god, what about the men?

Have one of those pesky feminists in your life who has the gall to suggest that men who want to be called pro-feminist allies

- well, they really want to be called feminists, because their definition of the feminist movement just means someone who allegedly wants equality between the sexes, as though the definition was theirs to make, and as though there were no difference between living with the boot of misogyny and discrimination on your neck and belonging to the gender that benefits from the disparity, the gender that gets all credit and benefit of the doubt, for whom everything in culture is made accessible, and who takes that for granted -

should shut up and listen to women when sexism is being discussed? You were just beginning to actually find this theoretical discussion about sexism interesting, and you were going to share alllll your thoughts about it, including how patriarchy hurts men tooooo, dammit, but then the women tell you that they know more about this form of oppression than you do? That's so reverse-sexist! Who are they to automatically assume that they're the experts? And don't they know that patriarchy can never end if we don't spend some more time talking about how men feel about it? Yes, yes, of course the oppressed group should be getting some more exposure for their experiences, yadda, yadda, but can we get back to the men now? How can the fight against gender disparity be all about ending oppression against women? Half the world's population is men, don't they know that? You are just sure there's something you can teach women about the unique male perspective on feminism!

If you have run into this problem, it's probably because you're a Prince Precious man who needs to LURK MOAR and didn't do the research. But wait - why should you have to educate yourself when you can get a feminist to do your research for you? They should be used to serving you by now. Here, let me google that for you.

The Clueless Douche Nice Guy Bingo is really the gift that keeps on giving.