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At that, Mark looked into his eyes with a curious expression that he couldn’t make out. Then with a throaty sound he suddenly pulled Nicholas close, and they were honest-to-god snogging, urgently, deeply.

Mark dragged Nicholas down on top of him—there was no way now he wouldn’t feel his erection. But Nicholas was past caring, and judging by the way Mark was writhing underneath him, so was he.

All of a sudden, Nicholas’ good sense made a surprise appearance: “Shit—the door!” He was halfway on his feet when Mark stopped him: “There’s no need. I locked it when I came out here.”

“You did?!” Nicholas was beyond thrown, so much so that he couldn’t hide the wolfish grin that followed. Mark, for his part, looked in the waning light as though he actually blushed, but his voice was level enough.

“I wanted us to have this place to ourselves.”

He lowered himself back down to sprawl over Mark. Nicholas wasn’t sure what to make of that last piece of information, and a tiny, less gracious part of his mind wanted to rag Mark about it, but he settled for kissing him instead.

Still a bit fuzzy with the enjoyment of feeling Mark’s willing, open mouth against his own, Nicholas leaned on one arm to undo a couple of buttons in Mark’s shirt with his free hand, but the other man soon toppled him, rolling them both over to change places.

My, my. Wasn’t the reputable Sir Mark full of surprises?! Nicholas secretly sniggered into the kiss even as he admitted to himself that he was probably being unfair to the man, if only in mind. Mark was no stick-in-the-mud. Just then the latter abandoned his mouth to work his way down his jawline to his neck, kissing, licking, nibbling at the skin there, now and then grazing it with his teeth.

Yes, definitely unfair! Nicholas hissed and bared his throat.

In cooperation they managed to get their shirts open and their ties off, with all the clumsiness that these situations warrant. Mark continued kissing and sucking his way down Nicholas’ collarbone, then his chest, reaching a nipple and tonguing it. Nicholas’ eyelids fluttered at the tingling sensation, but he forced his eyes open to watch as the dark head moved over his body until Mark came back up and they were kissing again.

Unlike some bi-curious men Nicholas had bedded, Mark didn’t seem to labour under the assumption that gay sex had to be somehow different and more adventurous than what he was otherwise used to. His moves were simple, experienced. This was more of a relief—and a turn-on—than Nicholas would have thought, and he found himself gasping while yet again, Mark rose in his esteem.

My turn! Suddenly Nicholas had an almost dizzying urge to taste. He wrapped one arm around Mark, shifted them both around, and went directly for the other man’s fly. Pulling down the zipper slowly—with no little measure of restraint—and leaning down inches from Mark’s face, he said in a low, raspy voice, “I’m going to suck you off now.” At that, Mark shut his eyes tightly.